Blade & Soul Gets a Western CBT in 2015

Written by Louis

August 15, 2014


The Fantasy MMORPG from Korea is finally confirmed to hit the European and North American shores after years of waiting, but the west will still have to wait until 2015.

Korean Martial Arts Fantasy MMORPG Blade & Soul will have its North America and Europe servers running by next year and will commence the Beta Test phase. Although rather late, a few modifications from the original Korean client will be present in its NA and EU counterpart including the initial exclusion of the Warlock Character Class and initial plans of the removal of Fatigue System. Both PVP and PVE servers will most likely be present in the client and the EU/NA counterpart will also be said to follow an F2P model but will not be “entirely free”.

As what is said, the NA/EU release is delayed due to technical difficulties in clients, and server latency issues, tournaments is also said to be present as per part of game promotion, just like what’s happening in South Korea.  Blade and Soul is a martial arts inspired fantasy MMO developed by Team Bloodlust, a game development arm of NCSoft, a South Korean game publishing company,  set in an open world environment, much like popular MMORPGS, B&S incorporates a combo system regarding character attacks and abilities which are now present in numerous MMOs today. Although there are still a few unconfirmed rumors and unanswered questions regarding the NA/EU release, the west, for now, is already sure that they will have their taste of Blade and Soul this coming 2015.

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