DC Universe Online Marketplace Is Now Open

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August 18, 2014

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Asiasoft announced last August 13, 2014 that DC Universe™ Online downloadable content packs and membership are now available for Southeast Asia players.

With these, players will get to enjoy more game features and embark on exciting adventures with their favourite DC Universe heroes. These perquisites can be unlocked through paid membership, or individual add-ons and downloadable content packs (DLC) for the game.

DC Universe™ Online features three types of membership: Free, Premium and Legendary. All players will have basic access to the PC game as well as game updates and patches. However, Premium and Legendary players get to enjoy bonus game features such as in-game trading, more inventory spaces and expanded character slots. Legendary players enjoy added benefits such as free access to all DLC which have to be purchased separately for Free and Premium players.

Each DLC follows a theme from DC Universe which features legend PVP characters, game missions and other in-game bonuses unique to its story line. Nine DC Universe DLC have been available for Southeast Asia players:

  • Fight for the Light
  • Lightning Strikes
  • The Battle for Earth
  • The Last Laugh
  • Hand of Fate
  • Home Turf
  • Origin Crisis
  • Sons of Trigon
  • War of the Light Part I

The following website details the contents of each available DLC: http://dcuo.playpark.com/en/ViewContent?type=8066

All DLC and membership can be bought using DC Universe™ Online in-game currency that players can top-up with Asiasoft @Cash, for the top up guide please refer to this: bit.ly/DCUOTopUpGuide. Players interested may refer the following website for latest information on the paid services: http://dcuo.playpark.com/en/ViewContent?type=5633 and the mini guide explaining the DC Universe™ Online Marketplace: bit.ly/DCUOMarketplace 

We hope that you will share this news to your readers. Thank you and feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

More information about the English version of DC Universe™ Online can be found here: http://dcuo.playpark.com/en/
To be updated on the game’s community activities, please follow DC Universe™ Online official Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/DCUO.PH
Download Link : http://bit.ly/PHDownloadDCUO

Register Link : http://bit.ly/LUDCUORegistration

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