Ancient Space gets announced by Paradox

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Prepare to take the role as a Space Fleet Commander as Paradox Interactive and Creative Forge makes us revisit outer space once again as they unveil their new game “Ancient Space”.

Set to become a Singe Player Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy, Ancient Space will take place in the far reached of the universe, in a cosmic system called “The Black Zone”, described as “a chaotic mess of cosmic storms 3 billion years old”, and puts the player in the shoes of a spaceship fleet commander that will revisit The Black Zone in order to find out the answer to a mystery and of course, battle aliens, and space pirates.

Paradox Interactive describes the game as a mix of engrossing single player campaign with elements of time-honored RTS gameplay giving a more suspenseful experience with missions varying from exploration, stealth, assault, and defense. In addition to the game’s glorified setting, Ancient Space also boasts a star lineup of Voice Actors including stars from fan-favorite TV shows and films like Star Trek and Battlestar:Galactica. Although no release date is being announced by the developers yet, we are sure to hope that we can, once again, reach out to the vast void in the edges of the universe to take one another gaming adventure.

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