Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature Multiplayer Co-Op

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Just like Mass Effect 3, the third Dragon Age game will also feature multiplayer.

Bioware and EA stated that with the success of the multiplayer feature of Mass Effect 3, they are bringing the feature to Dragon Age: Inquisition. With the new multiplayer feature added to the game, it promises intense co-op action with 3 of your friends. Unlike Mass Effect 3’s wave-based game mechanics on their co-op mode, Inquisition will make players move to different random generated areas while eliminating any adversaries, making it similar to the Diablo franchise’s dungeon raiding approach.

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Similar with Mass Effect 3, Inquisition lets you take the role as the agents of the Inquisitor, taking different missions It will feature 12 different, 4 for each archetype (Warrior, Archer and Mage) with tons of customization options, from changing your weapons and armors that affect both cosmetic and in combat. At launch it will offer three campaigns which comprise of 10 areas each, the levels are all random generated, there will also be hidden areas which can be found by destroying fake walls that can reveal treasures.

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Every mission completed earns you currency to unlock new items and characters, you can skip the grinding by purchasing them via real money, though this is only optional as you can still acquire them by grinding.

The multiplayer feature will not have any subscription-based plans and it will be available along with the single player game of Dragon Age: Inquisition in November.

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