Strife Press Launch Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

September 1, 2014

strife press launch (12)

Asiasoft prepared a media launch for one of the latest MOBA game to hit the country.

Their newest game; Strife was announced during their media launch last August 29 at the Imperium eSports Bar and Video Game Lounge, the guests were introduced with decorations and tons of trailers being played on the screens,  They revealed it is now on its open beta test and everyone can register and try out the game. Developed by S2 Games, the same creators of the hit Heroes of Newerth, this new MOBA promises to focus more on the fun factor rather than stressing you from the competitive gameplay, such as trashtalks on the game chat.

The game will feature a much deeper lore and cartoon-ish visuals, similar that from the Torchlight series. It will promise to be much easier to play, especially to those who are new to the MOBA genre compared to the other MOBAs available today.

You can check out our first impression on the game and you can start downloading the game through this link

For more info about the game, be sure to check out their website and Facebook page

Official Website

Facebook Page


Facebook Comments


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