[PS3] [PS4] Persona 5 teaser out!

ペルソナ5 ティザー映像 - YouTube - Google Chrome 2014-09-02 11.30.33

Persona 5 - Trailer

If you’ve been following the Persona series lately, then you’d probably know that Persona 5 teaser/trailer has just been released!

What I can get from the really short trailer is that the game is set in Tokyo, somewhere near Shibuya. And that the Protag is a bishonen– which of course would probably needs to level his S.Links. Need I say more?

Persona 5 - Trailer 2

Check out the video below:

This definitely made me excited. I might just pre-order this game (my wallet is crying right now).

What Persona version did you like? Did you love P4 as well? Tell us in the comments!

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