Mineski Gets a Themed Mousepad from SteelSeries

steelseries mineski

One of Southeast Asia’s premiere eSports organizers teams up with one of the biggest gaming peripherals.

SteelSeries have teamed up with Mineski to create a Mineski-themed mousepad. The Steelseries QcK Mass is made of high quality cloth to ensure fluid mouse movement and with a non-slip rubber base to prevent the pad from sliding during crucial and intense matches. The mousepad will also haveĀ an eye-catching design that will feature the Mineski logo which was designed by the Mineski Team.

The Qck Mass Mineski Team Edition is now available on local PC and gaming retail stores for $16.99 (around PhP 750)


steelseries mineski 2

For more details about SteelSeries and Mineski, you can check out their respective websites and Facebook pages





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