NetherRealm Studios Confirms Mortal Kombat X Release Date

Written by Louis

September 12, 2014

Mortal Kombat X banner

It’s confirmed, although it’s still a good few months, PS4 and Xbox One’s first Mortal Kombat game will be out in the market by April 2015.

The brutal fighting game that sparked the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board gets its tenth installment in next-gen consoles, and promises to be more brutal than ever, bringing in classic characters and new ones. Together with the release date announcement, game pre-orders are also slowly in motion with the pre-order bonus to be Goro, the 4-armed brute from the Mortal Kombat universe, as a playable character in the game. As for the classic characters, ninja rivals, err brothers?, anyway,  Sub Zero and Scorpion are also making a comeback in the game, together with the lightning god Raiden, and of course, the game’s deemed protagonist, thanks to the movies, Liu Kang.

Additional game info include the game adapting the style of NetherRealm’s other game, Injustice:Gods Among us, which draws the fine line between what’s human and superhuman, and having interactive objects to use in combat like swords, tree branches or even the tree itself but perhaps what would make Mortal Kombat complete is the Fatalities, the brutal feature that helped sparked ESRB, and ass NetherRealm promises, they will be more brutal than ever.

Of whether the game lives up to its promise or not, will not be for us to tell, but for the waiting fans, better practice your combos and ready your fatalities, for its your time once again to fight, brawl, and dismember your opponents, all to have Shao Khan scream “Finish Him” and deliver a fantastically brutal killing blow.

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