Wakfu – Pvp System Update

PvP 1

This is the biggest content update ever done on WAKFU, mainly focused on the long awaited PvP System among nations!

The update centers on the war between Guards and Bandits. Nations will now be able to take one another on an intense PVP combat among Nations. Players will now be able to choose to become Guards and defend their Nationsor join the fearsome Riktus rebels. All the details of this new feature are available here

PvP 2

PvP 3

PvP 4

Other features in this update.

  • Astrub Revamp: The village is transformed into a fortified city!
  • Arrival of the Riktus Bandits and New PvP Feature:  With a gameplay full of surprises and new rules of alliances.
  • Combat Rules Modifications: Speed / Lock / Dodge have received a makeover.
  • Mercenaries and Otomai Disciples Posts: Located in each region with contracts and quests helping you to progress.
  • “Easy” Dungeons: A new mode making it easier to do dungeons with only two Sidekicks.
  • Smoother Progression: A new evolution including an automatic gain of MP and AP at certain levels, new abilities and even a revamp of the character characteristics evolution system…
  • Items Modifications: Rebalancing, random generation of elements and the return of machines!
  • Sram class Revamp: New gameplay better suited to the class!

To learn more about the full content update click here

Discover the Inglorius Riktus update and the PVP feature in this video:

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