GamePop Introduces New Game Controller for TV [TGS 2014]

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GamePop, the #1 gaming service for TV and an upcoming android-based micro-console service powered by BlueStacks, launches their newest game controller and as well as gesture based games for TVs and AiO PCs.

Deemed as the a game controller that combines the best of mobile gaming with the traditional console, GamePop is said to be the first in this innovation by combining the 16 button controller interface with the new paradigms in gaming today involving touch-and-tilt gestures, and now designed a new type of game controller for users to enjoy their favorite mobile games in PC and TV, just like they would in a mobile device.

Rosen Shama, President and CEO of GamePop has this to say:
“We have strived to extend gaming from the 2-foot experience on mobile devices to the  10-foot experience on larger screens like TVs and AiO PCs, Our new controller combined with our cloud-based mapping technology makes GamePop the most scalable and fastest growing gaming  platform. The best part is that game developers do not need to make any changes to their mobile games. All games just work automagically.”

Apu Kumar, SVP and GM for GamePop also states:
““The new GamePop controller was optimized through user feedback and focus studies. Kids and teens start with mobile first, so we wanted to be sure that our game controller fits nicely in the hands of adults as well as kids. The new controller includes sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope to detect tilt and orientation, just like a smartphone. There is no learning curve, we’ve seen kids just pick it up and get playing without instruction.”


GamePop partners with Exvision for their vision-based or gesture based technology for their newer TV and AiO PC based games which will feature the said technology, a move that will soon take our favorite mobile games into the bigger screens with only our hands as the very controllers.

Source: GamePop.TV

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