New Silent Hills Concept Trailer Released [TGS 2014]

new silent hill

The ninth installment to the game that let us face our inner demons gets a concept trailer shown live at the TGS 2014 Crowd and it sure looks creepy as hell.

Dark hallways, creaking noises, creepy-out-of-nowhere child laughter, half opened doors, dismembered heads and a ton of maggots, that’s what summarizes up Silent Hills newest Concept trailer. Powered by next gen graphics and camera perspective movements that makes you feel as if you’re the one running for your life in the game itself, Silent Hills will look to hopefully live up to its promise of becoming the next top horror game in PS4.

If you could notice, the final scene involves a door heading towards a dark, creepy basement, possibly an invitation for us to see more of the hell being unleashed in Silent Hills.

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