KTC Releases New 4K TV

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September 23, 2014


Since 2009, when the first 4K TVs made their debut at CEATEC in Japan, the prices have been rather high. This started to change at the end of 2013 under the joint push of TV manufacturers at home and abroad when new 4K TV products were introduced at a faster pace.

As of the end of June of 2014 shipments exceeds 2.5 million sets accounting for 12% of the panel TV market. DIGITIMES Research is optimistic about the global market for 4k TVs and predicts that in 2014 the demand for 4K LED TVs will exceed 12 million sets.


KTC, a giant of television set production, has recently released a 4K smart TV called the L71F UHD TV consisting of three sizes, 42 inches, 49 inches and 55 inches. The TV has a simple yet fashionable appearance. The luxurious configuration of a quad-core CPU plus a quad-core GPU greatly enhances the image quality and ensures a visual enjoyment of the ultra high-definition images. Users can also download games and entertainment content through the App market.


The front frame of the L71F series of UHD TVs is made from a combined process of trace-free high gloss production plus surface etching, which highlights the design element of the narrow edge. The material of the body is also made of durable materials with the back cover adopting a new metal material which makes it look thinner than a plastic back cover but also ensures better heat dissipation when the TV is operating. In addition, since the back cover is an all-metal design and meets the strict halogen-free environmental standards of the EU, it ensures a smooth path for the product to enter the developed markets that are strict in environmental standards. The base of the L71F series UHD TV is made to be light and flexible, which makes the positioning of the TV easy.


The L71F series UHD TV with its quad-core CPU and quad-core GPU is configured with the optimized version of the A9 framework, with a dominant frequency reaching 1.5 GHz, which not only increase the operating speed of TV, but also guarantees the image quality of video decoding and rendering, and enhances the resolution and color saturation degrees of the 4K image. The L71F series UHD TV also uses a D-LED back-light source that not only enhances the evenness of the brightness but also further lowers production cost.


At present, the current sample of the L71F series UHD TVs are equipped with three groups of HDMI terminals, chromatic aberration component terminals, AV terminals, one USB2.0 and two USD3.0 transmission interfaces, and support coaxial optical audio interfacing and come with an RJ45 cable network interface. For the user interfaces, KTC can tailor the demands of clients into the product.


It’s reported that the rolling out of the L71F series UHD TV is just the beginning of KTC’s high-end strategy. KTC will continue to release curved-screen TVs, 4K curved-screen TVs, OLED TVs and other high-end products.


For more visit the KTC website at: http://www.ktc.com.cn/products/ledtv/

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