Trying Out the Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Box Candy [TGS 2014]

mgs chocolate (1 of 17) Yep we can’t resist trying this novelty item from the Tokyo Game Show 2014, let’s take a look on what’s inside… This cardboard box candy comes in various sizes and designs (there were 4 designs), it was a hit at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 that one of our friends had a hard time buying one as it sold out so fast, the Konami booth have to restock on the following day. It’s also a bit pricey (640 Yen for a box, around $6) for a candy. mgs chocolate (10 of 17) Now let’s to business and see what’s inside; as usual you’ll get your 8 pieces of chocolate crispies, but sadly they are more of a bite snack variants and not that tasty. It also includes a sticker and it will vary depending on which cardboard box design you purchased. Then of course we all know that it’s not the chocolate we are after, it’s more of the box!, heck it’s also a great display on your desk. You can see more of the cardboard box candy below.

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