Windows 9 Rumored to be Free for Windows 8 Users

What started as a rumor now seems to have been confirmed (hopefully) as the upcoming Windows OS, Windows 9 is said to be free for users who have installed and are currently using Windows 8.


It has been confirmed, or said to be confirmed, that Windows 9 (which seems to still pre-install Bing) will be available to Windows 8 users once it gets a public release. According to a statement by MiMicrosoftndonesia President, Andreas Diantoro, on news website, Windows 8 users will automatically receive the Windows 9 update on the day of its release which they will then have to download and install on their PCs. But whether if the same thing will apply to Windows 7 or Windows Vista users was not stated.

A release month has been set, rumored to be this coming October 2014 while Microsoft is said to give the world a preview of its newest OS this coming September 30, 2014 in San Francisco. Fans are hoping that this release will still follow the “Odd-Even” trend that Microsoft has been doing with their OS products, and will soon eradicate the not-so-good experiences that people have been reporting in Windows 8.

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