Rakion Halloween Event


Event Duration: 7th Oct 2014 after maintenance ~ 4th Nov 2014 before maintenance

Charge cash via Cherry Credit!!

Get amazing gifts and rewards when you top-up Softnyx Cash via Cherry Credits (CC) this month!

Accumulated Cash Amount Gift Reward Period*
1,000 30% Discount Coupon 120h
10,000 70% Discount Coupon 120h
30,000 3600 R.Cash Gift 120h
50,000 4500 R.Cash Gift 120h
100,000 6000 R.Cash Gift 120h


Lizard man Creature is released!

7th Oct 2014, new creature called ‘Lizard man’ is available at shop.


Take advantage of creature combo

Check out status of creature possession and take advantage of various rewards.

Creature Combo : 2 Lizardman / Nak


Theme Park Renewal

Got bored of Theme park stage?

7th Oct 2014, theme park will be renewed to make it more fun and enjoyable.


Check attendance event

During the event period, attendance event will be offered.

1st – Random Capsule / 2nd – Mithril / 3rd – Random point bag / 4th – Protect Stone / 5th – Rich Ring / 6th – One day Bonus Pack / 7th – 2nd Gacha Ticket(1EA) / 8th – Nak Core


Stage Reset

Stage reset will be available for all characters.


No level limitation

During the event period, no level limitation will be applied for all items.


30% discount coupon will be given for the first cash used

First time to use cash in Rakion?

Those who are using cash for the first time will get rewarded with a 30% discount coupon during the event period.


Come visit limited item shop every day

Different item each day will be on sale at a very special price.


Lucky candy box is on sale

During the event period, ‘Lucky Candy Box’ item will be on sale. You can randomly get one of Ex-item/Potion/Enchant Item/Enchant sub-material/Gem and socket related item/Quest item/Dye item when used.


Poke chance is back !!

Get the poke chances in game and try poking at the website ~



Website / Facebook

International – http://rakion.softnyx.net/   https://www.facebook.com/Rakion

Latin – http://rakion.softnyx.com/   https://www.facebook.com/RakionLatino

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