Apacer Introduces Ultra-Light, Highly Durable Mobile Power Banks B510 & B520

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October 11, 2014


Smart mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become an extremely necessary accessory and the need for a reliable mobile power bank has been increasing as well. In fact, the role of the mobile power bank has changed, from just an accessory to a reliable and significant companion. To act as an important partner for smartphones and tablets, the design of mobile power bank, no matter the internal or the external, must take both fashion and functionality into considerations. With this in mind, Apacer proudly introduces its ultra-light, highly-durable and fashionable mobile power banks B510 and B520. The internal core comes with lithium polymer batteries, which are lighter, safer and higher in capacity than traditional battery architects. Externally, both B510 and B520 are designed with aluminum alloy enclosure for smooth touch, light weight and fashionable taste. The launch of B510 and B520 are determined to redefine mobile lifestyle.


B510 conveys sense of taste

The enclosure of B510 is made of aluminum alloy with only 1.2cm thinness, making it ideally carry-able. With the coloring of splendidgold, B510 delivers the sense of taste as well as style. Besides, the use of aluminum makes the conduction and distribution of heat better to prevent overheat. Battery lifetime can be stabilized. Internally, B510 is built in with 5,000 mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery. It is considerably sufficient for regular users in daily usages such as instant messaging, chat, photo-taking and social network.



B520 delivers ultra capacity

B520 is oriented towards longer hours of usages in multimedia and business applications. Equipped with 10,000 mAh ultra capacity lithium polymer batteries, B520 is capable of providing 4 full charges for mainstream smartphone models such as iPhone. With dual USB outputs, B520 is able to charge two consumer electronics devices simultaneously. By coloring the enclosure in metallic gray, B520 conveys quality and long-lasting appearance. The sleek and curve design for the edges brings the comfort in use.

Though smartphones and tablets come with power-saving configurations, it is suggested to accompany these gadgets with an efficient mobile power bank as a backup solution. Both B510 and B520 are CE, FCC, and BSMI certified to ensure confidence and safety in using these products. Both models include multiple safety protections including short-circuit, over-charging, over-current, over-voltage, over-discharge and over-temperature protection. With built-in 4-stage LED indicators, users are able to keep track of the power status of their devices.

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