Lady Starts Fundraising Campaign to Buy a PS4

Written by Louis

October 13, 2014



If you don’t want to earn money for your games and consoles by yourself, what should you do? Make a crowdfunding campaign!

An oppressed and underprivileged (that’s what she claimed to be) Asian Girl is on a campaign today to get reunited with his Arkham Husbando and needs your help money! Just in at IndieGo, video gamer Alexandra Bruce starts a fund-raising campaign in order to buy a PS4 and a Limited Edition Arkham Knight, all to be reunited with one of the game, and the Batman Franchise’s most iconic characters, the Scarecrow (which is her Arkham Husbando).

Claiming as her Husbando, campaign starter Alexandra states that she can’t play Arkham Knights because her “graphics card is an outdated piece of crap that an oppressive member of the patriarchy selected for her to keep her computer cost around $1000”, she also stated that she likely “won’t be able to play it on PC without turning down the graphics. But the graphics need to be so good that she feel like she is actually being dosed with fear toxin”.

The campaign has ended and garnered $650 worth of funding, which has reached the second milestone, and that would mean that Alexandra can now opt to buy herself a Batmobile Edition of Arkham Knight instead of the Limited Edition Arkham Knight, and a PS4 to play the game with.

This kind of campaign is not a rare sight in crowdfundings, Zack Danger Brown started a Kickstarter campaign so he can make Potato Salad which earned him around $55,000 from the campaign. But unlike Alexandra, Zack is sharing his potato salad with his backers and even renting a much larger kitchen and inviting his backers to join.

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