Grand Chase Philippines Now Shutting Down

The adventure that started back in 2008 is now about say good bye, the 2D Sidescrolling MMORPG Grand Chase now enters its Shut Down phase, slowly saying goodbye to its players and fans.


Announced just today, Grand Chase Philippines commenced its shutdown phase as it comes to full closure this year due to certain circumstances beyond control of its Publisher, Level Up Games Philippines. As a way of expressing gratitude to its players, the GCPH team offers Welcome Packages for GC players who wish to try out Audition Dance Battle, a casual game also published by Level Up! PH.

GCPH players who are active from October 20, 2013 up until today, can migrate or “tag” their GCPH accounts via the Level Up! Games Philippines website as to earn the Redemption Code for the Welcome Package via e-mail which they can then redeem on the website itself. The Audition Dance Battle Welcome Package for former GCPH players includes the following:

Image Courtesy of the GCPH Team
Image Courtesy of the GCPH Team

In accordance to this said game closure, as of today, October 20, 2014, GCPH has officially shut down the following game-related services:

  • Customer Support
  • New Account Registration
  • Account Top-Up
  • Game Forums
  • Client and Patch Downloads

Full server shutdown will commence this coming November 17, 2014 at 15:00 GMT+8, together with the GCPH website, until then existing players can still play and migrate their GCPH accounts for a few more weeks before we say goodbye to the 6-year long adventure.

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