Rohan Online Philippines Shuts Down

Yet another Philippine MMORPG enters its shutdown Phase as Level Up! Games Philippines announces the closure of Rohan Online.


Followed by the announcement of Grand Chase Philippine’s closure, Level Up! Games Philippines also announced the closure of its Fantasy MMORPG title Rohan Online. The server shutdown will be coming earlier for Rohan Online Philippine players, as it is scheduled to be this coming October 31, 2014. Services such as New Account Registration and Account Top Up are currently disabled, but existing players can still access their accounts, up until the final server shutdown which is scheduled at the end of this month.

As a form of compensating its longtime players, Level Up! Games Philippines encourages users to migrate to its newer and also long running and popular titles as to receive Welcome Packages full of goodies. Rohan Online players may now wish to migrate their accounts to any of the following games:

  • RAN Online
  • Perfect World
  • Cabal Online
  • Ragnarok Online
  • DC Universe Online

No actual date for account migration is announced yet, but users can always check the Level Up! Philippines Website for updates.Full list of the Welcome Package freebies for those who wish to migrate their accounts can be found on the Rohan Online Philippines Official Website. Rohan is a Fantasy MMORPG developed by YNK Korea and published here in the Philippines by Level Up! Games, the game is unique for its introduction of the Revenge or Vengeance System which lets you track PVP encounters, letting you easily track down those who have killed or you have killed in game.

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  1. Sayang lang mga nagastos na pera dito… Sana nga ibalik niyo na sir gusto ko maglaro neto.. kaya lang daming scammer…

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