Tekken 7 Arcade Release Schedule Revealed

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Namco Bandai was already ran its series of location test for Tekken 7, now the arcade release schedule has been revealed.

It has been almost a week since the Tekken 7 location tests in selected areas in Japan, but more details where revealed when the catalog for arcade operators was shown, revealing the specs, pricing and the release date that is marked on February 2015.

The game will include new characters such as Claudio and Katarina and new game mechanics such as the Rage Arts; where you will be able to use special powerful moves when your low on health, and the Power Crush; where your attack will be uninterrupted even your opponent attacks ahead of you, but at a cost of still receiving damage.

Hopefully the arcade version of Tekken 7 would be soon available to other countries a few weeks after the Japanese launch

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