You can play a mini game in Firefox!

…and no one told me about it until I found out for myself.

Go on, click that little ginger cube guy
Go on, click that little ginger cube guy

Mozilla sure knows how to get interactive as it makes you play a mini-shooting game on its browser, Firefox. The Minecraft-Like Shooting mini game is part of Mozilla’s Humble Bundle, a new campaign from Mozilla that features quite a number of mini-games,and other applications. This said service, powered in part by the Humble Bundle store, is Mozilla’s way of helping support the Web Development industry, particularly web or browser based games, in addition, part of every purchase of applications included in the Mozilla store would go to selected charities.

If you wanna take a bite at this cool feature from Mozilla, just go ahead and open your Mozilla Firefox browser, make sure that its set to the default Mozilla homepage and fully updated, then click on the little ginger guy right next to the Firefox logo.

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