Japan on the road to building the first Transformer

It’s been a while since Japan made news about them tinkering around with technology aaaaand they’re trying to build the first Transformer.


First they thought about building Space Elevators, second they’re planning to build a Space Division for their Armed Forces, and now, ladies and gentlemen introducing the J-Deite Quarter, the soon-to-be first Transformer.

The transforming mecha is a joint project of Brave Robotics, Tomy, and Asratec and is said to be the first in the 3-step process of the robot development. While still less than quarter of a size of a real transformer, the J-Deite Quarter’s full version is set to come out by 2020. Led by Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki, the project kicked off just last September 10, 2014, and a progress report, via video, that came out just recently shows us just how far (and how fast) they are into the development.

Source: j-deite.jp

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