Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review: A Smashing Game

Written by Chad

October 23, 2014


The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. was released recently and we take a look if the game deserves to on your 3DS library.

Nintendo releases their Smash Bros. game in every generation of their console, starting with the Nintendo 64. Now for their 4th title to their fan-favorite franchise, they’ll be releasing it to two of their current generation platforms; the 3DS and Wii U.


Unlike the conventional fighting games, Super Smash Bros. mechanics is to deal enough damage to your opponents until you can smash them out of the screen, the more damage you landed, the more likely you can hit them hard to throw them out of the stage. There are stages that have obstacles and can attack you which adds more challenge to the game as well as items and power ups in giving you the edge on winning, some items ranges from Pokeballs that summon Pokemons to swords, blue shells, Super Scope rifle and assist characters. But you can opt to disable any items or setting to a standard stage if you prefer more on brawling head to head with other characters. Long time Smash players will surely enjoy this latest SSB as so far the most polished game to date, for newcomers to the game will still be comfortable with the game as its mechanics are straightforward to play. The game has 37 characters at the start, with 12 more to be unlocked, totaling at a staggering 49 characters. Each character has their own sets of moves and special attacks to suit your playing style. It will also feature more than 30 stages with a selected stages exclusive only to the Nintendo 3DS.



Aside from the standard Smash mode, which you can choose form free for all (timed) or survival (stock), there are a lot of game modes that you can explore. The returning Classic mode lets you pick a route when fighting against characters where you can earn rewards, it has even the option to adjust the difficulty of the game, the tougher it is, the better the gold and item rewards. The new All-Star mode on the other hand pits you against a set of characters based on the chronological order of their game debut. Both these modes are great in keeping you occupied when playing alone. There are also mini games such as the Multi-Man Smash, that can be addicting to play and some like Target Blast and Home-Run; that can be frustrating if wasn’t done right, Trophy Rush let’s you smash blocks for a limited amount of time, the more you smash, the more chance you can acquire trophies or gold, you can even add more time by spending more gold for more trophies to collect. The new Streetsmash lets you battle with other players that you tagged from your StreetPass in a top view perspective and you have to shove your enemies out of the ring, it’s a good addition to the game when you are into StreetPasses for easy gold.

However the newest addition to the game; Smash Run has its share of hits and misses. Smash Run puts you in a Metroidvania-like stage where you have to stack up you stats by defeating mobs and collecting treasures within the 5-minute countdown. It may be fun at some certain matches, but its sheer randomness can makes it more frustrating to play, the final match is very much random, all your hard earned stats may be useless depending on what kind of mode the final battle will be, you might be tackled in a running match where you are using a slow moving heavy hitter character and more likely the AI characters are using speed-type characters. But the good part on Smash Run is that this is the mode where you can farm for more trophies and equipment for your characters and Miis.

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