Digital Deals: Humble InDIE Bundle 13


For the latest Digital Deals, Humble Bundle is having a Halloween special.

Humble Bundle is celebrating Halloween with its Humble Indie Bundle 13, featuring games such as Olli Olli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Tower of Guns starting at $1, you can also get Jazzpunk, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Risk of Rain (plus three additional copies for your friends) and a couple of unannounced games at $6.69. Or you can get all of the games including Shadowrun Returns for $12. If you want the ultimate package, pay at $65 and you’ll also get some Humble Bundle merchandise which includes a customized hoodie, trading cards and a cassette tape that include the music from the games.

humble bundle 13

And don’t forget, most of the money that was used for the Humble Bundle purchase will be donated to the Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. For more details, head on to the Humble Indie Bundle page

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