Duck Hunt Team joins the Brawl!

The 8-bit dog that mocks you each time you miss your shot and a duck joins Mario and co in Smash Bros!


Came in just today, Nintendo unleashes the trailer for its upcoming Super Smash Bros challenger, the Duck Hunt Team! One dog, one duck, and one zapper will be joining the brawl soon, and it looks to be one exciting combination. We’re not sure yet as to how the “zapper” character will be played out, but as what the trailer suggests it could mean that the zapper will be a separate custom controller from the Wii U with the design inspired to be the old Duck Hunt Gun from NES and FamiCom.

No actual release date has been made by Nintendo as to when the Duck Hunt character will be coming to Wii U but the team is already playable on the 3DS.

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