Advance Dino Roars Its Way to Android and iOS

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Hold on tight because the ground will rumble with the might of dinosaurs when the latest free-to-play, 3d city building simulation game Advance Dino heads to Android and iOS!

If you’ve ever wanted to take control of a tiny dino outpost and turn it into a sprawling prehistoric metropolis, then this game is for you. In Advance Dino, you can research and build cute yet powerful dino troops to defend your dino farmers and peasants, and collect Dino heroes in adventures to train them and give them unique skills. Finally, you can take direct control of your Troops to wage real-time battles with other Advance Dino players!

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But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what players have to say about Advance Dino:

“I am so loving it…playing it with my son.”  — Dennis Braulio (player)

“So far I like it. Currently, I’m playing CoC, Samurai Siege and this one. It has a lot potential to be a good game. Hope the developer will keep improving this game.”  — Za Heartnet (player)

“Really fun! Will there be a version for iOS? Because most of my friends use iPhone and I am really looking forward to playing with them! “– Who Am I

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Published by Asiasoft’s PlayPark, Advance Dino is now available for iOS and Android devices.  The latest game version (v1.0.6) has added Mocyl the merchant, hero consumables, the most wanted cool down items, treasure chests, and a friend search recommendation system.

To learn more about Advance Dino, join our community page at To download the game client, visit

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