NCSoft announces Lineage Eternal plus new mobile game.

MMO Giant NCSoft reveals 2 of their new game lineup at GStar, one MMORPG, and one Mobile Game title


Lineage Eternal, the newst MMORPG title from NCSoft gets revealed and is set to enter Closed Beta this coming Winter. Lineage Eternal was initially announced in 2011 and entered the development phase since then with the community anticipating, now, 3 years later, NCSoft has finally given us an informative gameplay trailer revealing a ton of the games mechanics, new features, meaner bosses, new character classes and a very interactive environmet.

In addition to this announcement, NCSSoft also reveals Project Hon Mobile, 3rd Person Adventure TPS, with a Mecha-Warfare based theme. Being a TPS, Project Hon Mobile also features Multiplayer Gameplay, and is said to be available first for Android, no release date has been revealed about the game just yet, athough with the demo being revealed, we can all expect it to be released earlier next year.

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