Prank made Super Smash Bros. Gamers think Kid is a Fighting Game Pro

Written by Chad

November 23, 2014

karissa the destroyer

It was a well made prank and we all fell for it

A few days ago, there were news of a 10-year old girl beating up a lot of pro Super Smash Bros. players in a promotional event at California for the Super Smash Bros. Wii U game. The girl was known to the players there as Karissa The Destroyer and many were amazed on her skills as a Super Smash Bros. player.

Though there were rumors that the said child prodigy was just a hoax and she was just acting and a different player was actually controller her character. soon it was finally revealed that it was a prank all along and it was part of GameStop’s marketing promotion for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.


The hidden player was then revealed to be as Daniel Jung, also known to all as Liquid’KDJ; a top pro Smash player and the 10-year old girl was revealed as Karissa Bannister a young actress that can be seen from different American TV commercials, here’s a Twitter post showing both Karissa and Liquid’KDJ


Though it was sad that Karissa was not really a fighting game prodigy but the prank really fooled a lot of gamers at the area and gave them quite a surprise, talk about impressive marketing gimmick. Well played GameStop, well played.

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