Wakfu Teaser for December Update: The Equal of A God

wakfu dec

Yes, they’re coming.

But they’re not Eliatropes. Sure, they look like them, and are actually very close to them. But still, they’re not these people that others have looked for all over time and history…

By using the Eliatrope Dofus, Yugo became the equal of a god, if only for the tiniest instant. And thus, inadvertently, he gave birth to a new character class. Dark, broody, they seem to come from deep within Yugo’s soul. Like him, their fighting technique is based on mastering the energy of Wakfu, most notably through teleportation portals.

These strange characters will appear simultaneously in the WAKFU and DOFUS games on December 9, during two very different time periods. Through what miracle? You’ll have to discover that by playing the game!

Still, one thing is sure: the part of mystery that lies within these characters is as big as Ogrest… so you’re not gonna hear the end of it anytime soon!

And since they don’t answer to the Eliatrope name, as they are darker, broodier… Discover…



wakfu dec 2

Having appeared via a freak accident, Eliotropes are but mirror images of their creator, the King-God. They move at the speed of lightning, disappear in the blink of an eye to reappear someplace else, away. Just like Eliatropes, they know the secrets of Wakfu energy.

Learn more about WAKFU at http://www.wakfu.asia  

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