The Best Fight in Competitive Gaming was Recreated After 10 Years


And it was still priceless.

One of the best matches in competitive gaming history happened in EVO 2004 when Daigo Umehara pitted off against Justin Wong in the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament. Daigo was using Ken while Justin was Chun Li, Justin already had the advantage with Daigo having a sliver of life left, as Justin performed Chun Li’s super move to finish the match, Daigo did the impossible by parrying every hit from Chun Li’s super move and then made a follow up combo to finish the battle. The crowd went wild at that time and it was marked in history as one of the best comebacks in competitive gaming, which was now called Moment #37.

10 years later, an event called Moment 37 Reloaded was held to celebrate the most memorable match. Where Daigo and Justin made an exhibition match by using the same character and the same game and see if they can recreate the same scene.

You can check the whole match by checking on the video, or go to 4:50 to see the amazing moment once again.

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