ESGS: One Gaming Event to remember

Written by General Miss A

November 26, 2014


It was a gaming event to remember. Probably the best we’ve encountered so far. We just hope that there will be next year because it was a memorable event for the gaming community.

Last November 15 and 16 came the E-Sports and Gaming Conference, held at Halls 3 and 4 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City which was dubbed at the biggest gaming event held this year. Despite it’s previous shortcomings, ESGS was able to hold the event with a bang. Let’s see what happened during that weekend.

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Organized by Joebert Yu, despite the huge setback it got when SMM suddenly closed and is no longer supporting ESGS, he really made sure that ESGS will still continue even though there were some lacking areas when the event came. It was evident enough that the whole thing was well received by the gaming community.




It was realized last minute that there wasn’t any kind of sign for the event. Spot a couple of banners from MSI and ANIMAX, people who wanted to go to ESGS were still able to tell that they’re going in the right area. If you were there last weekend, check out the line! The front booth had a bit of a flurry trying to accommodate everyone coming in. At least they were able to go to their desired booths to visit like checking out the indie developers booths, meet their favorite GMs in person, etc.





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There were three event stages for the tournaments, one for Playpark Asia, Mineski, and for ESGS. There were also booths for likes of MSI, Gamex, and Cubizone. Big names like Razer and Blizzard also joined in, indie game developers like Synergy 88, Figment Games, and the like. Gaming community groups like PinoyPS, and SmashBro Philippines also came to ESGS and without fail their booths were never short on players. I almost forgot…the whole event was also powered by Monster. Imagine all the players and attendees got high guzzling down those oh so sweet power drinks.


Despite the huge walking space in the whole event area. Sad to say there wasn’t a proper holding space for the media, but at least we got to cover the whole event without a single hitch.



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There was never short on events during ESGS, everything was so busy and there were no boring moments. The smaller booths for SmashBro Philippines was always busy and always accommodating to their visitors. MSI’s booth is also very busy because each testing unit is also occupied, booth visitors kept on testing their units to stay true to their name. The PC area was the busiest of all, there were Heartstone players, DoTA2 players, and even CrossFire players. Cubizone also held a dance contest as per to promote Music Man. Since each tournament was being held at the same time, shoutcasters from the main stage, Playpark Asia’s stage, and Cubizone’s stage are crowding the air so it’s very confusing to listen which stage to follow, would have been a bit better if the tournaments were scheduled so the shoutcasters wont have to overcrowd the soundwaves at the same time.

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Nevertheless, all the players who participated in the tournaments gave their all. The cosplay event didn’t actually have a huge highlight this time, as there are only very few who participated which we heard that they were not sure if they’re going to earn something by participating, but it was evident that there were more game related cosplayers roaming around the event, there were even epic ones that we think that they should have won the cosplay contest in our own opinion.



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The stage setup was awesome, nice lighting, and a very huge LED screen accompanied with a crane rig to see the event area overhead, though there was a slight technical difficulty during Day 01.


The crowd was divided because of the simultaneous events happening at the same time from the different booths, there wasn’t an empty stage or booth there although there were times that the main stage had very little audience when some tournaments weren’t much of a huge interest The hosts were more than very dynamic and very generous when the time came to throw baller bands to audience, boy that did the trick to rile up the crowd.esgs 2014 (7 of 18)



To finish this event report for ESGS, it was the most exciting and fun gaming event ever held this year. We really, really hope that there would be another year for them. More or less, ESGS was the saving grace given to make up the failure that was PGF 2014 for the gaming community.

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Thank you Joebert Yu for making it possible. Here’s to believing.


Believe The Hype.

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