Dragon Nest Labyrinth

The mobile version of one of South East Asia’s top MMORPGs is about to get its mobile counterpart as Eyedentity Games gives a sneak peek on Dragon Nest Labyrinth


The exciting Dungeon-based MMORPG is about to go hand-held, Eyedentity Games and Shanda Games, launched the debut of Dragon Nest Labyrinth, the high-end project with the “hopes of reviving the thrilling action features of Dragon Nest” from PC to mobile.

Drafted for release back in the first half of 2013, there’s still no clear update yet as to what the state of the game or the development is at as of the moment, although a few of its features have already been made public. New and cool additions and tweaks to the PC MMO hit include a Weapon Book System for Item Crafting, Online Multiplayer and Offline Single Player modes, and your very own Goblin Village.

Currently, fans are still waiting for any further updates regarding the state of the game, of whether the development is still ongoing or if there are any other cool features that are added to make the game more fun.

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