Dragon Age Inquisition Review: All Roads Lead To This

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December 3, 2014

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All things considered, Dragon Age: Inquisition may very well be the most immerse role playing game experience Bioware’s ever come up with, an adventure so engaging and so massive, this could end up being the archetype  for future Dragon Age titles, or for any other future titles for that matter.  No doubt, the years of anticipation have paid off not just for fans of the franchise, but also for those wanting to experience an epic role playing adventure for this generation. With a vast landscape to explore, varying monsters to engage (with your obligatory dragon encounter included), and political environments to traverse, there is something to enjoy for all Dragon Age fans and newcomers who plan to give the third act a shot.

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The game will give you the chance to pick one of four possible races to choose from this time around (up from three in Origins, while DA2 was limited only to human), be it a human, an elf, a dwarf, or for the first time ever, a Qunari, and like in previous installments, you can choose to be a warrior, a rogue, or a mage. From there, through unexpected turns of events, you will take the role of the Inquisitor, part of the larger, appropriately named initiative called the Inquisition, whose role is to find out how to seal off the large magical hole created in the sky, where violent creatures have been showing up, while trying to understand why your character received a mysterious mark on your hand, capable of sealing rifts all around the familiar continent of Thedas. Throughout your journey in leading the Inquisition, you will not only have to deal with the ongoing conflict (such as the civil war between the mages and the Templars, derived from Dragon Age 2), but also navigate your way through political circumstances, dealing with your fellow companions, and finding ways to help bolster your forces in a time of strife.


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At first glance, it would be easy to compare the massive scale of the game’s environments to that of Skyrim’s, and no one would blame you. The game simply has so much area to explore, much more than previous installments that you might end up taking a long time to accomplish as many main and subquests available in the game. Exploring just one area will give you an idea of how much sizeable difference it has over areas from both predecessors. Thankfully, Inquisition will be the first Dragon Age game to make use of mounts to make your life easier in as far as general exploration is concerned. Making its debut on next generation consoles, the look and feel of both characters and environments have never been so much better in this day and age, utilizing the capabilities of said consoles to bring out the best Dragon Age game possible.

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