ECS LIVA Product Launch

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We were at the launching of ECS’s mini PC; the LIVA.

Last November 28 at Cafe 1771, ECS showcased their mini PC to the media. Powered by Intel’s Bay Trail-M SoC Processor, it promises to run at low power and with zero noise thanks to its fanless thermal design.

Product Manager Rafael Aligada explained that the LIVA will be a good investment for corporate offices such as call centers as it assures that will save more on electricity costs without sacrificing performance power for office-related tasks. The LIVA can consume at 5 watts at minimum and up to 15 watts at maximum, this means with that low power consumption, you can run the mini PC with a power bank. It was also noted that the LIVA will require some minor assembly straight out of the box, which Aligada explained that will take you less than 5 minutes to assemble it. May Chuang from ECS Taiwan was also present at the launch to promote the LIVA.

You can check the rest of the photos of the product launch below, you can learn more about the LIVA at

We will be doing a review for the LIVA mini PC so stay tuned


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