ASUS Xonar U5 – 5.1 Channel USB Audio Card

As far as most audiophile gamers would want, it’s clear, crisp output from your sound card as you play

What if your current sound card isn’t enough? Imagine that everytime you talk to your fellow player online, your voice breaks out from the surrounding noise and they can’t even make out your sentences, that sucks right? What about not getting that goosebump experience while listening to your favorite game track or that album you’ve been dying to listen to only to get the worst quality output ever.

Your problems might be over once you get yourself an ASUS Xonar U5 – 5.1-Channel Audio Card.


ASUS Xonar U5 is relatively the sexiest audio card you will ever own and by far the most useful hardware ever as you can turn any speaker you have into the most powerful sound system for your PC.

See those ports? Yeah.


Package contents:

  • ASUS Xonar U5 5.1-Channel USB Audio Card
  • Type B to A USB Cable
  • S/PDIF TOSLINK optical adapter
  • Installation driver CD
  • Quick Start guide (not in photo)



We took the ASUS Xonar U5 for a spin and this is what we found out…

> easy installation 

The ASUS Xonar U5 is quite easy to install, simply connect the USB cable provided with the box, pop the CD in your CD drive, install the driver and there you go! All is left is to connect your desired audio output to the device and enjoy the results.

> volume knob is also a switch for headset and speaker mode 


If you noticed that there this one huge knob on the ASUS Xonar, it serves as the volume control and it also serves as the switch for the output speakers to headset mode. So no need to disconnect your headset when you need to blast out your favorite music in your room.

> no background noise when using the mic with the audio card 

One notable feature about the ASUS Xonar is that it reduces the background noise when you’re on the mic while talking to someone on the other side, and the good thing about it is that the other side won’t hear any annoying background noise coming from you, your fan, or your cat.

Please don’t mind our writer’s cluttered desk.

Not being bias or anything, but we would recommend getting the ASUS Xonar U5 5.1 to get that nice, crisp sound to your computer. And you can revive your 5.1-Channel speakers to give your games justice.

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  1. I have one,but i tried to install its driver on my laptop (OS: WIN8.1pro 64-bit) but setup.exe does not work.
    I’ve tried lots of things like run as administrator,changing dotnet to3.5 and changing compatibility mode to WIN 7.But it doesnt start and install the driver.I downloaded the driver file from asus website,but no,it’s the same problem again.I sent a bug report to asus.There is no reply.

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