Otakuzine Launch Party Event Aftermath

We were really not sure if this was called the Ozine Launch Party or the Anime Exhibit

We were invited last November 30 at the SMX Convention Center to check out their Launch Party and the special meet and greet with Taiwanese cosplayer Misa.

There were some confusion with the event in the morning, as the SMX security were rather confused on what event was actually being held at the day, as it turns out, the launch party was labeled as ‘Anime Exhibit’, we still have no idea on why it was called an anime exhibit.

Now going back to the event itself, it is still the same old Ozine/Otaku event, so expect the same booths, activities all over again.

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Let’s fast forward to the other attraction; the meet and greet session. Ozine has started to bring famous international cosplayers in the Philippines for a meet and greet session, and one of them was the very adorable and very friendly Misa from Taiwan. We managed to ask some questions if she is into gaming, and it turns out; yes she likes to play video games. Some of her current favorites are League of Legends, the Monster Hunter series and the latest Destiny game, and she plays it on her PS4. We do hope to see her again and maybe next year, she could cosplay a character class in Destiny, though she mentioned that it would give her a hard time to create one and wear one, since it’s more bulkier thanks to the armor designs compared to her line of costumes that are more slender and cloth-based.

You can check her Official Facebook Page to see some of her cosplays


The rest of the attractions at the launch party include gaming tournaments, anime card games, anime figures and of course, the cosplayers. So far nothing new with the event and we were wondering why there were no special program or any major announcement for the so called ‘Launch Party’? Isn’t it supposed to have something big to announce on stage?

Well anyway, we hope they try improve their next event and probably try to provide more unique events rather than the same old content.

Check out the rest of the images taken from the event below:

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