Street Fighter V is Real, will be a PS4 and PC Exclusive


And out of nowhere, a teaser trailer for Street Fighter V just went online and then offline.

Just moments ago, a YouTube clip just appeared of out nowhere, showing a teaser video of Street Fighter V, then in just minutes, the owner of the video set it to private. It is still uncertain if it was intentionally leaked or was just an accident.

But judging from the quality of the video, it seems to be real. It featured a short glimpsed of the actual game footage of Street Fighter V, featuring fan favorites Ryu and Chun Li along with the caption “Rise Up”. What’s more interesting is that the game will be exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and PC, but there’s a chance that this would be a time exclusive and would become available for the Xbox One as well as in the arcades in the future.

We managed to found a video a Daily Motion, you can check it here


We added the teaser trailer that was uploaded from the PlayStation channel along with the gameplay video


No additional info were found from the teaser, but chances are this was very likely to be the one of the announcements to be made at the upcoming Capcom Cup Finals on December 13.  We managed to grab some screenshots found at a NeoGAF forum

This was revealed at the PlayStation Experience event at Las Vegas during the opening keynote

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