Borderlands Online announced, will be available for China only

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Gearbox Software and 2K Games will be teaming up with Shanda Games to release Borderlands Online in China.

It was just announced that the hit shooter will be getting its own MMO game and will be an exclusive for China. There are no info whether the game will have the same timeline with the original Borderlands series that was released in multiple platforms or will have its own timeline and universe.

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Borderlands Online will still feature four character classes similar to the original series: hunter, soldier, siren and berserker. The game will be free-to-play and will be available for the PC and mobile devices, the open beta is scheduled to be available early next year, you can try to register for the open beta by heading to their official website

Shanda Games will be handling the development of the game, they are also behind the release of some popular MMOs such as Dragon Nest, Dragon Ball Online and Company of Heroes Online  in China and in other parts of Asia.

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