Heroes of Might and Magic III to arrive in HD

One of the most loved Turn-based Strategy games makes a comeback in High Definition.


The 1999 hit, Heroes of Might and Magic III:Restoration of Erathia returns to PC in HD this coming January 29, 2015, and not only for PC as current publisher, Ubisoft, will also release the game on Android and iOS-run tablets, which means that fans can get to play the tale of Queen Catherine Ironfist in a quest to reclaim Erathia everywhere they go.

The PC release will also have a Steam version, complete with Multiplayer support, and other Steam multiplayer features. This announcement was made as part of the celebration of 15 years of HoMM III and 20 years for the HoMM series. For more updates regarding the upcoming HD version, HoMM fans can head on to the M&M website.

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