TNC Grand Finale 2014 Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

December 16, 2014

TNC grand finale (67 of 69)

One of the largest iCafe chains in the country hosted their first major gaming event.

TNC Gaming hosted their first major event entitled Grand Finale 2014 at the Cyberzone SM North EDSA last December 13 to 14, 2014. It featured their major tournaments from several MMOs including DoTA 2, League of Legends, Dragon Nest and many more

Several PC brands were also present, including ASUS, Gigabyte and TP Link, other brands like Monster Energy was also present to support the event as well as game publishers like Level Up! and Cherry Credits.

TNC grand finale (65 of 69)

The event had no entrance fee, so all MMO and MOBA fans can attend and spectate on the tournaments, but those who purchased the premium passes can avail more freebies and exclusive content. We heard that the premium pass got sold out so fast, so it means the perks are really that tempting.

A couple of stage performances were held at the Grand Finale, though majority of it are not really about gaming, but more on those ‘masa variety shows’, which is a bit of a letdown especially for a gaming event. But the main highlight on the stage was the selected live matches from the tournaments, unlike some major esports events that consumed a lot of time for certain matches to finish, causing a longer delay to other pending matches and worse, cancelling the stage match schedules of other games, the Grand Finale managed to finish their scheduled matches on time without very little delay on their stage schedules.

TNC grand finale (60 of 69)

Our major concern, especially to all event organizers that prefer to use Cyberzone as their main venue, is the small venue space. With these kinds of events, it’s already obvious that this has to be held in a much larger venue, but it seems TNC is only experimenting the venue just to see if there is enough attendees to convince them to use a much bigger venue on their next event, as they are aiming for a ‘stadium-like’ venue next year.

The TNC Grand Finale was a success as more people gathered to witness great MMO and MOBA battles for glory, hopefully this would convince TNC Gaming to host a much bigger event next year and with more ‘gaming’ focused guests and activities

You can check the rest of the photos from the event at our gallery below

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