Watch a Pianist Listens to a Nintendo Game and then Plays the Tune


If there’s a Piano Hero game, she would dominate on it.

Meet Sonya Belousova & Tom Grey of Player: Piano, Sonya is one of the youngest and accomplished pianist/composer and Tom as a known director and producer for Stan Lee’s Youtube channel.

They formed Player: Piano to create a classical approach to some popular music from movies, series and video games. They recently created a new video where their Indiegogo supporters sent them requests of selected tunes from Nintendo games, then they will try to play the tune after hearing them once.

It was really impressing to see Sonya playing the tunes on the piano, whether this was rehearsed or played on the spot, it was still amazing to see how she played it well. And to add more gaming goodness, Player: Piano also made a rendition for Guile’s theme on Street Fighter.

You can see more of their videos at their Youtube Channel and more updates about their newest projects through their Facebook page.

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