Telltale Games to develop Minecraft-based Game

Or rather, a Telltale based Minecraft game.


Telltale Games, developers of the popular episodic point-and-click adventure games like Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us takes a stab at Mojang’s overly popular sandbox game, Minecraft, in their newly announced title, Minecraft: Story Mode.

Incorporating Point-and-Click into the world run by bricks, constructions, and mining, Telltale Games is also in collaboration with Mojang and the Minecraft community itself to turn the concept into reality. Just like its other titles, Minecraft: Story Mode will feature the player-driven story-telling concept, wherein the flow of the story is mainly decided by the player themselves. Mojang and Telltale also tells that even though the game is set in the world of Minecraft, it will not be totally based on the majority of Minecraft’s “character lore” nor will go into detail in regards to the Minecraft world.

Minecraft: Story Mode is set to release by 2015, and will be playable on PC, Console and Mobile platforms.

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