The Best Games of 2014

best games of 2014

This year might have toppled 2013 as the ‘best year for gaming’, as we see a lot of games with good feedbacks and more game exclusives that are topping the charts. This would very mean that we are getting more great games after every year.

So in our latest post, we pick some of the game we believed that deserved to be recognized for giving us one heck of a gaming experience. We have fifteen games on our list and five of them are our favorites. So let’s begin…



Child of Light

A twist of JRPG with the hand painted art style that would remind you of our old bedtime stories. Child of Light provided a unique and engaging turn based battle system, then instead of an isometric view like other traditional RPGs, Child of Light utilizes on the side scrolling perspective, plus adding more depth with platform mechanics. Its unique art direction was one of the main highlight; the water colored artwork helps show its true beauty.


Shovel Knight

A game that is everything retro and nostalgic, this is what Shovel Knight has shown to us that retro games still rock. From the undying pixel art graphics to the nightmarish difficulty of the old games, this game is a definite throwback game that can be appreciated by both the retro fans and the new generation of gamers.



Blizzard’s very first free-to-play game, nobody expected for a free-to-play MMO card game to be this great. With its simple rules, any non-card gamer can easily learn to play this in an instant, it’s one of those easy-to-learn-but-to-master games that will hooked you for hours. Now ported to the iOS and Android, it’s now more fun and portable to play on the go or with friends.


Dark Souls II

Still as punishing and unforgiving as its predecessors, Dark Souls II returns with more dangerous boss to slay and different routes to take, defeating a difficult boss is such a rewarding feat on Dark Souls II, and if the single player mode already kept you playing, wait until you try the multiplayer mode where you wreak havoc on other players while they are slaying bosses.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Nobody expected that this game would be a great game, and many were proven wrong. As it turns out,  South Park: TSOT was directed by by none other than the South Park creators themselves; Trey Parker and Matt Stone, so everything that you loved about South Park was there. With an RPG approach and tons of South Park references, this is the South Park game we’ve always dreamed of.

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