Get Ready for Tons of Nintendo Toys


A new line of Nintendo figures and playsets will arriving this year.

Toy brand Jakks Pacific is releasing a series of action figures and playsets based on famous Nintendo characters from the likes of Mario, Luigi, Samus, Link, Bowser and more. The World of Nintendo toy line will feature action figures from 4 inches to 6 inches tall variants.

So far the first wave was already release last December, which include the following:

  • 4″ Mario
  • 4″ Wario
  • 4″ Yoshi
  • 4″ Skyward Sword Link
  • 6″ Bowser
  • 6″ Donkey Kong

And here are the target launch dates for the succeeding wave releases:

Wave 2 (coming April 2015):

  • 4″ Blue Toad
  • 4″ Luigi
  • 4″ Diddy Kong
  • 4″ Samus (in Metroid Prime style)
  • 6″ Metroid
  • 6″ Toon Ganondorf

Wave 3 (coming July 2015):

  • 4″ Fire Mario (with Fire Flower accessory)
  • 4″ Goomba (with a Coin accessory)
  • 4″ Peach (with a Crown accessory)
  • 4″ Fox McCloud (with an Arwing accessory)
  • 6″ Yoshi
  • 6″ Skull Kid (from Majora‚Äôs Mask)

Wave 4 (coming August 2015):

  • 4″ Tanooki Mario (with Tanooki Leaf accessory)
  • 4″ Samus in Gravity Suit (with Morph Ball accessory)
  • 4″ Shy Guy (with propeller accessory)
  • 4″ Fire Luigi (with Fire Flower accessory)
  • 4″ Ocarina of Time Link (with Hylian Shield accessory)
  • 6″ Piranha Plant
  • 6″ Metal Bowser OR Dry Bowser

They also have the mini playsets called Microlands that recreates some of the famous stages/levels in Super Mario, Legend of Zelda games that will release a series of wave releases in 2015

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