[Press Release] Blood Oath | The Beginning Card Game

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Vampires, Slayers & Lycans, who will prevail?

Check out this latest 3 way card game of Vampires, Slayers & Lycans in Kickstarter. Blood Oath | The Beginning of the immortal battle.

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This is SEDA Interactive’s latest card game project recently launched in Kickstarter. A 3 way card game with epic theme of never-ending battle between the 3 Epic Race; The Vampires – House Brimmer lead by the tyranny Arch Brimmer under the Great Dracula the Impaler. The Slayers – House Verssen lead by the young Prince Verssen trained by the Legendary Van Helsing. The Lycans – House Vasel lead by Alpha Lycan Vasel to be the warleader chosen by Lucian the Savior of Lycans .

Core game includes 54 cards per race, tokens, leader cards (with life points dials) and the specially designed playmat best suited for 3 players free-for-all battle.

We recently launched our campaign and we are looking for support from all various sites to promote our campaign. Play-Before-Pledge – http://bit.ly/1BpVtYl : We are giving out free print-&-play test files for all card gamers, supporters out there to test the game play before deciding to pledge in our campaign. Early supporters Get special kickstarter price and rewards, also certain stretch goals will be released and unlocked when reached within the campaign period. We hope this game will be as compelling and competitive in the tabletop industry, but for that to be possible, we need your help reaching our goal.

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Spread the word and support your preferred Blood Oath Race, for further information visit our Kickstarter Campaign page: Blood Oath | The Beginning http://kck.st/1vWR4Ik

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