Kaiju A Go Go: The Independent Title that aims for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION

No seriously, that’s what the game is all about.


Some people wanna ride Jaegers or Giant Mechs, others want to be Kaijus, well this game serves the latter part, the indie title, Kaiju A Gogo lets players play as Giant Monsters, or a mad scientist that uses Giant Monsters in a quest for total world domination.

Start out in an uncharted island and make your way to the cities of the world in this PC/Mobile Action Adventure, complete giant mechs, or giant monster mechs rather, resource management as well as ability and skill growth system. Apart from destroying stuff, Kaiju A Gogo also lets you build stuff in your not-so secret lair, including defense facilities and other buildings that would help you in conquering the world.

Catch updates from Kaiju A Gogo from their official website.

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