Modoo Marble Bloggers’ Day

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GameClub invited several game bloggers to try out their latest MMO.

Last January 21, a group of game journalists and bloggers (including Reimaru Files) were invited by the GameClub team to introduce their latest MMO; Modoo Marble.

Modoo Marble is an online multiplayer board game that is open to up to four players, the mechanics has similarities with the popular classic Monopoly but with some added twists, there are special power up cards that can help turn the tides to your favor if used wisely, there are special avatar characters with attributes that could improve the dice roll and other power ups. You can check out first impression of Modoo Marble

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The game bloggers had a great time socializing with the GameClub Game Masters and marketing team that include exhibition matches and some presentations about the game.

We would like to thank GameClub for inviting us over for the mini gathering. You can try downloading Modoo Marble and give it a shot, you can also visit their Facebook Page for more updates

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