Reimaru Files 2K Likes Giveaway Special


As a token of our thanks in helping us reach 2,000 likes on our Fanpage, we decided to host a small giveaway contest for you guys.

So what stuff are you going to expect for this giveaway? Well with the help from Apacer and Silicon Power, we will be giving away a couple of 64GB or 32GB flashdrives and a couple of Steam games, check out the list below.


RF 2k giveaway (1 of 1)


Yep, there will be four winners for this raffle, ain’t that awesome?

So you’re curious on how to join? Well you can check the plugin below on the what to do to gain your entries for the raffle

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33 Responses to "Reimaru Files 2K Likes Giveaway Special"
  1. I want to own an Apacer and Silicon Power flashdrives because of all Flashdrives, APACER AND SILICON POWER has the taste and style of CAsual and Hardcore users not only for storage purpose but also the necessity of user’s demand πŸ™‚ A Perfect combination of beauty and Technology <3

  2. I want the Apacer and Silicon Power Flashdrives to keep my photos,movies, music and other data for my back up. Family pictures with perfect timing and once in a lifetime captured moment is very important to be lost. I can use it to for transferring files for my friends and family or just have access on my entertainment/media files when traveling. Many thanks Reimaru files, Apacer and Silicon Power for this chance to have this Prizes. More power to you guys!

  3. Being always on the go with my work involves me to to have my data on mobile. Apacer and Silicon Power Flashdrives are the best sources of mobile data storage i need now. Imagine On the Go and On Demand data at your fingertips. 64Gb of storage you can plug on your laptop or use an USB OTG for your smartphone.

    Shoutouts to Reimaru Files and Sponsors Apacer and Silicon power for the Giveaway!!!!

  4. I want to own an Apacer and Silicon Power flashdrives because I want reliable and high capacity storage that I can use for both peronal and office stuff without any worrying. The added steam games are such a bonus. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I would love to win one of those flash drives for my Academic Purposes also that 62gb would be a really big help plus it is more portable than bringing an external hard disk. The additional steam games is love <3. Thanks Reimaru Files! πŸ˜€

  6. I want to own bot Apacer and Silicon Power flashdrives because they will be my gift for my brother’s graduation + birthday. πŸ˜€ And it’s my first time to get one of these awesum drives. I almost forgot about these oh so goodie games, (especially that Alan Wake CE, I’m watching you). Plus I can bring them to work and to school. πŸ˜€

    Shout out to Apacer and Silicon. But especially to our beloved The Reimaru Files. Thanks guys! πŸ˜€

  7. As an IT Student, saving files is a must but the problem is, the only file saving device I had was lost in my school and it was even only one GB, now I only borrow USB’s from my classmates. But if I get one of these USB, there would be no reason for me to borrow anymore and I would take care of it as long as I can and will never let it be out of my sight.

    If I do win this, I finally will have a device that I can save files into and carry them whenever I want!

    Thank for this awesome giveaway guys!

    Good luck everyone!

    • This is my chance to have a Silicon Power Blaze B20 64GB and Apacer AH174 32GB Flashdrives..I want to have this giveaways because It will help me alot as a student and gamer..and because I like to download alot of movies,music and games..I cant wait to know who the winners are..Hope im one of the winners..Great giveaways Reikaru Files!!

  8. Apacer and Silicon Power is the leading memory storage brand, I really need a flashdrive that has a bigger capacity for storage and I hope to be the one of the lucky winners to own this item from the leading memory storage brand. ^_^

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