SD Gundam Strikers for Smartphones

sd gundam strikers

Zoom across the battlefield and command your Mobile Suits effortlessly with a single finger

Bandai Namco Games just revealed a new mobile game in the market, SD Gundam Strikers is a free to play action game that promises a fast paced gameplay with a use of single finger,  you can pick 3 units featuring from a large number of mobile suits based on the different Gundam series, plus you can play the game vertically or horizontally on your smartphones.

sd gundam 1

It will feature 3 game modes ranging from Story mode-like Chronicle Quests, Area Quest and Event Quests. So far SD Gundam Strikers will be available for Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but an English page for the official website is now available, hinting of a possible release to other countries.

SD Gundam Strikers will be available for the iOS and Android smartphones soon.

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2 Responses to "SD Gundam Strikers for Smartphones"
  1. The campaign menu even mentions a ‘menu’ button and a ‘user info’ button.

    Heck, if you go to link your Namco ID the login page is in english there.

    Maybe the English version is delayed, either that or Bamco likes to troll people. 🙁

    • I also do wish we could see an English version soon, maybe Bamco think if we can build gunplas with just moonrunes, then we can play their games without translations lol

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