Happy Valentine’s day with Rakion

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Event period : 3rd Feb after maintenance to 10th Mar before maintenance

New cell named ‘Spear’ release.
On 3rd Feb 2015, new cell called ‘Spear’ will be released.
We will select 100 users who are possessing this Spear Creature on the event ending date
(30 users) and give out 10 Dragon Core.

Check attendance and get Random R.cash Box~
Log in to Rakion during the event period and get ‘Random R.cash Box’ by checking attendances.
From this Random R.cash Box, you can randomly get 0~1,000Cash and given R.Cash can be used to purchase all cash items in the item shop.

Get beginner’s package for free.
Experience upgraded special beginner’s package now~
New beginner’s package gives great new items including set/creature for every 5 level attained.

PU card is on sale
PU card will be back on sale during the event period.

Special Growth necklace!
100% more EXP and gold reward will be given if you wear this growth necklace during the event period.
This is available at 500Cash at item shop.
Defeat valentine’s event monster !!
During the event period, you can get the ‘Coins’ in game.

Website / Facebook
International – http://rakion.softnyx.net/ https://www.facebook.com/Rakion
Latin – http://rakion.softnyx.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RakionLatino

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